IRM Mphatso Synod
Leadership and marriage seminar

20 – 23 November 2017

Facilitators, Drr Davidson and his wife Phoeboe Chifungo report:

We would like to report that the Leadership and marriage seminar went on very well at Villa Ulónguè in Mozambique.  The Mphatso Synod of the Igreja Reformada em Moçambique leadership did a great work in organising this training.  We had in total 33 couples who attended the training for the entire period.

We would describe the training as very, very successful; it was a great need for the Mphatso Synod.  Statics showed that they have lost over a third of their trained ministers mainly due to marriage and family issues, infidelity, unfaithfulness and misunderstanding.

The course covered

  • Biblical foundations for marriage vs cultural expectations (Bible Study Gen. 2 and Matt. 19)
  • Addressing current issues affecting families within the IRM (Bible study)
  • Sex according to the Bible vs cultural practices (Proverbs 5 and 1 Cor. 7)
  • HIV and Aids prevention and treatment
  • Gender based violence among leaders (Eph. 5:2-33)
  • The role of wife as a leader (The wife as the pastor to the pastor)
  • Vision, mission and worldviews for leaders ( in the family and in the church)
  • Avoiding conflict in the church (avoid competing and fighting for positions) Phil. 2:1-11)



We adopted a method of discussing in groups and reporting back to the main meeting.  We as facilitators also did some teaching and explanations.

Role Model

Rev. Besitala and his wife have clocked 28 years in marriage, they have ministered together and they are currently the longest serving minister in the synod (except Rev. Chikakuda who retired).

For more than an hour Rev. Besistala was asked to be in front, and the rest of the families asked them all sorts of questions from general to private life, from ministry to their time of intimacy.  They both responded to the questions and also encouraged the pastors and their wives.




Davidson: After the training several couples came to talk to me in private. They needed prayer, guidance and counselling.  There were 3 couples whose marriages were at the verge of collapse due to several issues.  I talked with them and prayed with them.  I finished around 2 am that night.  I thank God for the confidence and trust that we managed to have been established within a short time. This proofs that the training had a great impact indeed.



They all agreed to take the training further; we asked them to do the same training with their congregations.



Everyone thought the time was short and that if possible we should make this an annual event to encourage couples and mentor them for leadership and family life which is a great challenge for most families within the Mphatso Synod.  Some proposed to have this seminar next year in June/July, may be at Chongoni for a refreshing experience.


Dr Davidson Chifungo

 Dr Phoeboe Chifungo