David Botha, skrywer van ons weeklikse Ekologiebydraes vir VrydagNuus, het die onderstaande van Sarah Rushmere (werksaam by die Departement Water en Sanitasie in Direktoraat: Water en Afval, Stad Kaapstad) ontvang:


Dear Faith organisations in Cape Town – Greetings and I trust 2019 has started well for you.

Below is a mailer about the City of Cape Town’s draft Water Strategy which is now out for public comment until 15 March. For your info and input, and please also share with your networks so that anyone interested can comment in time too.

Getting through the recent drought crisis was very much a collective effort, and the City thanks you for helping Cape Town become the world’s #1 water saving city. We’d like to keep the collaborative relationship going into the future.

The City learned so much in the drought, and this draft strategy is based on those learnings and what we heard from residents, businesses and civil society stakeholders. See the below which includes links to the summary and full version of the draft Water Strategy, and input can be made via the online comment form or in writing at Sub-council offices. We’d like to hear from residents if this strategy is heading in the right direction.

Many thanks and all my best,

Sarah Rushmere

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement, Water and Sanitation Department in Directorate:  Water and Waste at City of Cape Town.

Tel: 021 400 3641 | Cell: 082 771 5137


Comment on the Cape Town Draft Water Strategy

Dear residents and businesses in Cape Town

The City of Cape Town’s Draft Water Strategy is open for public comments and recommendations. The primary purpose of this strategy is to ensure that our city is more resilient to future droughts.

The draft strategy outlines the City’s plan to ensure greater water security over the next 10 years and a move towards being a more water-sensitive city in the next 20 years, by 2040.

It aims to achieve this through five commitments and an eight-point plan to translate strategy into action.

The commitments are:

  • Safe access to water and sanitation
  • Wise use of water
  • Sufficient, reliable water from diverse sources
  • Shared benefits from regional water sources
  • A water-sensitive city

Based on scenario analysis, expert advice and stakeholder views, the plan includes:

  • Increasing available capacity by more than 300 million litres per day over the next ten years to reduce the likelihood of severe water restrictions in future.
  • Ensuring that a greater proportion of Cape Town’s water supplies will be met from alternative sources. The strategy outlines a programme for achieving this, which includes the removal of alien vegetation from catchments, the incremental introduction of desalination, use of groundwater and increasing water re-use.
  • Limiting costs and price increases, which includes relying on rain-fed dams for most of the City’s water as it is cheaper than alternative new sources.
  • Making optimal use of stormwater and urban waterways for the purposes of flood control, aquifer recharge, water reuse and recreation, based on sound ecological principles.

Residents are invited to submit comments, recommendations and input to the municipality from 15 February 2019 to 15 March 2019.

Kindly provide feedback on each of the commitments and the plan separately in the comment form, to assist with consideration and collation of input.

We wish you a water-wise 2019!

Yours faithfully,

City of Cape Town