The group of attendees at the workshop


From 10 to 11 October Rev. Stephen Pedro had a follow-up workshop at URCSA Huguenot, Paarl with our URCSA Cape Regional Synod’s proponents who are still waiting to be called. He was assisted by Revs Danny Bock and Brian Handel. Rev. Samantha Terhart, who is also waiting on a calling, joined the workshop.

The purpose of the workshop was to continue with the training of our proponents in facilitation skills and how to accompany a congregation in a faith discerning process to become a missional congregation. With the assistance of Rev. Averill Rust they also focused on how to introduce Contextual Bible Reading (CBR) to a congregation and how to facilitate a CBR with a group of members of a congregation.

The workshop was concluded with a meeting with the scribes of six presbyteries, three of whom who have five and more “vacant” congregations. During the session Rev. Pedro introduced a strategic plan he wrote to place our four proponents in presbyteries, whilst they are waiting to be called. During the placement period of tree to six months Witness Ministry will support the placement process financially from their fund for the proponents. Part of the work of the proponents will be to have a few workshops with the leadership of the vacant congregations they will be placed in.

The main thrust of the Placement Plan is that:

  • the Presbyterial Ministry for Judicial Affairs (Ringskommissie) will do the appointment,
  • with the financial and managerial support of Witness Ministry, and of the one or two vacant congregations, and
  • they will second the proponent to serve these two vacant congregations in the presbytery.

The process is ongoing and one of the outcomes was that the scribes will now take the plan back to their presbyteries to establish whether some of the vacant congregations and their relieving ministers (konsulente) will consider the plan so that the Presbyterial Ministry for Judicial Affairs can continue with the placement of our proponents.

The presbyteries that joined the last session were:

  • Rev. Gerome Haupt (Caledon);
  • Rev. Brian Handel (SA Gestig);
  • Rev. Dawid Eyssen (Zuurbraak);
  • Rev. Malcolm James (Worcester);
  • Rev. Andries Daniels (Stellenbosch) and
  • Rev. Vivian Jansen (Kraaifontein).

We call upon the church to keep the process in their prayers and that God will work in hearts of congregations, church councils, relieving ministers (konsulente) and presbyteries to work together to make this plan work.

Rev. Stephen Pedro
MSS Congregational Witness

Rev. Stephen Pedro (front left) with three of our proponents: Rev Samantha Terhart (2nd from left), Prop. Zolani None (centre,front), Prop. Msawenkosi Ntshongwana (front, right) and Prop. Rachel Linderoth (centre, back). Rev Danny Bock (back, left) and Rev. Brian Handel (back, right)